07.Collection② 茶地氷割文南蛮船図 訪問着(大正時代)


07.Collection / an early European ship with patterns of broken ice on a brown base Hōmongi Visiting wear(1912-1926)

antique kimono アンティーク 着物
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"Girls, be ambitious!"







"Girls, be ambitious!"    と。



The colorful floral embroidery on the sails of the ship shimmers brightly, as the ship departs on a deep blue ocean filled with power, underneath a transparent cobalt blue sky.


The early European ship moves forward with forceful might, leaving behind white sea spray.

And the towering tree, which represents the bounty of the earth, is much like a shadow that is watching over the ship. It is like a father; while the flowers on the tree are like a gentle mother.


Where is this ship heading to?

Is it heading toward an unknown land of dreams?

Or is it beginning a new voyage of life?


This early European ship is the ship of a soul. And that soul is you.

This kimono, which was made in the Taisho era, still speaks softly to all women even those living today.


Life has always been an adventure, in any age or time.

“Girls, be ambitious”, and overcome even the bad, by shining and believing in yourself.


Can’t you see and hear it?